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When a consumer buys a product or service from you, what he is also buying is what your brand stands for. Perception matters!

In the day and age of creating a strong brand image, designing one which epitomizes everything that you as an organization stand for is crucial. Standing out among stiff competition for your products and services is one thing; standing together as one strong team is another ball game altogether! Contrary to popular belief that building a brand image is all about your advertising, marketing, and customer service alone, business owners are also becoming aware of the importance of presenting a unified and strong image through the logo as well as promotional merchandise and custom designed embroidery apparel. That is a straight ten on ten as far as increasing your brand visibility is concerned.

How do you build a strong custom embroidered apparel concept for your brand?

There was a time when brand builders provided simple cotton or polyester shirts with a company logo on it. Options, these days, are far more – unisex shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, caps, hoodies, trousers, track pants and a lot more, in a variety of durable materials. As it is considered to be a great tool for advertising, companies are honing their focus on creating a strong and simple brand logo, which can then be embroidered on the apparel in keeping with the company colours. More and more organizations are leaning towards creating brand apparel in company colours with the logo in custom embroidery not only to make it durable but also to make it more elegant.

How do you start the process?

Choosing the purpose:

Deciding on what you want to be embroidered on the custom brand apparel – logos, name or a specific design will depend on the actual occasion that the apparel will be used for. It could be for a brand event, a uniform, business meetings, representing a sports team, etc.

Choosing the design:

What do you want embroidered on your apparel – a logo, specific design for general apparel or a clothing line, a monogram or a name?

Choosing the right fabric:

What is the material that you would be choosing – a mix of polyester and cotton, a polo knit, 100% polyester or an eco-friendly material? This will have a direct impact on how the embroidery will be applied on the material and will also impact your choice of design and/or logo.

Choosing the type of embroidery:

If what you want is a design that looks distinct but lays flat on the garment surface, you can opt for standard custom embroidery. To add some sheen to the designs, you can go for the metallic option. A dynamic and 3D look can be achieved using the puff embroidery method.

Choosing the thread:

The two main types of thread that are in use for custom embroidery designs are polyester and rayon. Rayon has a smooth and shiny surface and is usually used for more delicate materials. Most corporate apparel is custom embroidered using rayon thread. Polyester on the other hand is more durable and can withstand strong chemical agents such as detergents as well. Uniforms used in factories are the most common examples of the usage of polyester thread for embroidery.

Choosing the stitch:

The choice of the design and the fabric directly impacts the kind of embroidery stitch that is used. For design outlines and lettering such as names, a satin stitch is used. For filling in the minute details in a design, a walking stitch or a running stitch is most commonly used. This stitch is also used to recreate hand embroidery where required. A fill stitch is used predominantly to fill in areas with color. It is also used as an underlayer for more complex embroidery patterns or when the design is being embroidered on flowing, flimsy material.

Let’s start the process.

To help create customized apparel solutions, different brands are working with companies such as Boss & Hughes in Houston, Texas, for custom designed and embroidered corporate and promotional apparel. With strong expertise in catering to companies across industries, we have a strong creative team to facilitate the process of creating custom embroidery apparel from conceptualization to design and ready-to-use stage. With a strong grasp of the latest in trends and technologies, our creative team of experts can work with you to create the best promotional apparel in the right colours, lettering, design and fabric.

After the initial process of understanding the exact requirements in terms of fabric, colours, types of designs, etc. that is required, the creative team follows this process to begin:

  • Reviewing the chosen pattern or design to break it down into the minutest detailing and gradients.
  • Creating digital art files of the chosen designs.
  • Using specialized software to translate them into stitches, as a preparation for the final stitches.
  • Creating a sample first to make any adjustments required from the customer.
  • Using a device to clamp down the fabric before starting the embroidery.
  • Begin the process of embroidering the fabric.
  • Removing the excess material and running a quality assurance check.
  • Steaming the garments to remove any creases.
  • Packing the garment carefully before getting it ready for shipping.

Why should you get Custom embroidery?

  1. One of your best marketing strategies is to have your employees wearing custom designed and embroidered apparel. They are your brand ambassadors after all!

Take for example a brand promotional event that you have rolled out. If you have all your employees dressed in custom designed apparel with the brand logo either imprinted or embroidered on the apparel and accessories, nothing speaks louder for your brand than that. If you have a showroom that sells a niche category of stationery, having all your showroom employees proudly wearing the company logo embroidered on their sleeves is one of the strongest brand campaigns you can ever have. Custom apparel tends to garner a high level of instantaneous recognition wherever your brand goes. Do we not as consumers ourselves, instantly recognize the simple swoosh that calls out for brand Nike?

  1. Good branding also benefits internally – it increases the motivation levels of your employees – and reflects externally. 

A strong brand image and persona that you create in turn creates a strong perception of credibility and class in the consumer’s mind. What it also does is this – it creates a sense of unity among your employees and removes all perceptions of hierarchy. This in turn translates into a stronger and more growth-oriented mindset as far as your company culture is concerned.

  1. Creating a strong concept of custom apparel is like building your brand a conversation starter!

All big organizations use custom embroidery on their brand apparel and smaller organizations are also not far behind in their adoption. Your employees sporting shirts, t-shirts, caps, etc., with your logo embroidered in your company colours tend to attract attention right away. Not only do they look professional and classy, they also instantly advertise the organization that they are a part of.

If you want your company’s brand to be the conversation starter at the next event, exhibition, or tradeshow, let your custom embroidery apparel do all the talking. 


Custom embroidery costs much less than regular traditional embroidery. As state-of-the-art embroidery machines are used to produce beautiful designs whether you want one single unique piece or thousands of pieces in the same design, the scalability of the design and work makes it value for money as well.

Whether you want your brand name, logo, custom design or message embroidered on your choice of apparel, the team of custom embroidery experts at Boss & Hughes are available to assist you. Call us on 713-664-9829 or email us on csr@bosshughes.com and our representatives will get in touch with you.

At Boss & Hughes, we believe in collaborating with our customers to translate your ideas into a perfect design. If you already know the exact design that you want custom embroidered on your choice of apparel, one of our design experts will sit down with you to create a working design before we begin the process of production.

Embroidery can be more expensive than screen printing as an option; however, it depends also on a variety of factors – material chosen, size of the design, colours chosen, etc. For example, the more the number of colours chosen, the costlier does screen printing turn out to be. In the case of embroidery though, it would be a flat rate. Additionally, embroidery can be done on thick and heavy garments as well and due to its durability, embroidered garments last much longer than screen printed ones do.

Machine embroidery is much faster than the traditional hand embroidery option. A simple name could take as less as an hour or at the most 2 hours. Whereas, it could take up to 7 hours when done by hand.

If you are looking at a 3000-stitch design with a lot of details, done at 400 stitches a minute, a logo can be machine embroidered in about 4 minutes. Because a logo has far more detailing than a lot of other options, a complex pattern could still take about 2 hours.

Custom Embroidery In Houston

Boss & Hughes provide quality custom embroidery solutions for your promotional needs. We are industry leaders when it comes to embroidery services and screen printing capabilities, and we use the latest technology to prove the highest quality work.

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We are a custom embroidery company; hence every order is custom designed for our clients. We can add your name, logo, custom message, or creative design on almost anything that can make your business stand out at a promotional event. Our embroidery experts go the extra mile to ensure your embroidered apparel looks perfect. The list of the items and garments is almost endless, but here is the list to get started:

Make your brand stand out, show off in promotional events, or outfit your team in embroidered apparel with a company logo. Give your business a professional look, with Huston’s best embroidery service provider.  We offer embroidery on almost everything from polos to T-shirts, fleece to caps jackets, and even outerwear. Get the best customer support, care, and quality

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Our services are built with a customer-first mindset, so our ordering process is personalized to make it easy and effortless. Just call us, our in-house embroidery expert will customize apparel for your business, school, nonprofit organization, family reunion, and more!